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The Benefits Of Using Temporary Walkways

Mar 7, 2023 | Aluminium Trackway Panels, TuffTrak

The Benefits Of Using Temporary Walkways

Investing in temporary walkways can be the key to providing a safe and navigable space in several scenarios, such as hosting outdoor events on uneven terrain or managing complex construction projects.

Temporary walkways are designed with strong materials that can support people walking along them and make an otherwise inhospitable environment easy to navigate. They allow for the creation of space for your staff and guests and can also handle vehicular traffic.

In this blog post, we explore some of the benefits of using temporary walkways for your next job, project or event.


The Benefits Of Using Temporary Walkways - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection Ireland


Temporary walkways – unseen and overlooked


Temporary walkways are instrumental in ensuring the safe progression and transport of goods, materials, and personnel through public events and construction sites. Often overlooked, these essential and often unappreciated temporary walkways allow workers and visitors or guests to navigate safely.

The general public, and even sometimes event organisers or construction-related staff, barely pay attention to temporary walkways at all – and if this is the case, they truly have done their job.

Let’s take a look at practical examples of temporary walkways being used.


Examples of temporary walkways in action


From construction sites to large-scale events and workspaces, these versatile pathways are essential for quickly and safely navigating around an area.

Examples of temporary walkways in action can be seen all across the globe. Perhaps you’ve recently noticed a pedestrian bridge spanning several construction sites on your morning commute. Or maybe you’ve been to an outdoor event with a fully formed pathway, constructed from durable yet lightweight materials?


Construction sites


Construction sites can be hazardous and damaging to the surrounding environs if not handled carefully. Temporary walkways are a highly effective solution designed for heavy traffic situations on construction projects across industries such as pipelines, wind farms, transmission line gas exploration and logging, etc. These pathways will withstand vehicle movement plus pedestrians and mini diggers, but they will also help to minimise the environmental damage that traditional construction methods can cause.


Entertainment industry


Temporary road construction is also a perfect solution for protecting the ground at public events and making sure guests have comfortable access. Quickly deployed and able to remain in place for extended periods, these walkways make it easy to ensure free-flowing pedestrian or vehicle traffic on clean surfaces that will keep all attendees safe.


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The benefits of using temporary walkways


Temporary walkways provide the ideal solution to the traffic challenges that come with events or construction. Here are just a few of the benefits:


1. Versatility


Temporary walkways can be easily moved to different areas, allowing for maximum versatility in the types of situations they can be deployed in. Examples of this versatility include film festivals, film shoots, public fares, outdoor festivals, concerts and many more.


2. Installed quickly


Temporary walkways can be quickly and easily set up, providing a quick solution for any project or event in just a matter of hours.


3. They are environmentally friendly


Unlike traditional roads or pathways, temporary walkways do not require significant excavation work or removal of existing materials – reducing the environmental impact of your project. Two of our products, as we’ll highlight again below, are made from a chemically inert, non-conductive HDPE that allows natural light to still permeate through.


4. They are hard-wearing


Constructed with strong yet light materials, these pathways are designed to withstand heavy use in all weather conditions, ensuring they remain stable and secure no matter what the elements throw at them.


5. Different tracking options are available


With various types of tracking available – you can choose the most suitable pathway for your project. Temporary walkways are suitable for both pedestrians and vehicles, depending on the type of track that is chosen.


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Ground Protection Ireland is your provider of temporary walkways


Whether you are running a building site or a large public event, having temporary ground protection is critical in ensuring that both the public and your staff are protected.

Ground Protection Ireland is your go-to source for temporary ground protection and access solutions.

Our TuffTrak and Aluminium Trackway Panels, provide a safe platform for people to traverse soft terrain quickly with their vehicles or equipment – Aluminium Trackway Panels are for customers who need to cover soft terrain to acquire vehicular across and TuffTrak for particularly undulating ground.

We also offer these products for either rental or outright purchase, giving you the freedom to operate within your budget, so get in contact with our experienced and dedicated team to find out more. Also, take a moment to check out our blog and resources for more news and updates!


The Benefits Of Using Temporary Walkways - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection Ireland

If you need a tailored ground protection solution or temporary access solution for an upcoming project or event, get in touch today.