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Heavy Duty Mats For Temporary Roadways

TuffTrak is the ultimate heavy-duty mat for temporary roadways and work pads. Perfectly suited to soft, wet ground, TuffTrak can support industrial vehicles, heavy plant machinery and drilling rigs up to 150 tonnes. 

Heavy Duty Mats That Support Pedestrians, Vehicles and Heavy Machinery

TuffTrak heavy duty mats feature a patented Chevron Traction design and the high-profile side of the mats enhance forward traction for vehicles and machinery while decreasing mud dispersal and minimizing slippage and sideways movement.

The low-profile, pedestrian-friendly underside reduces slips, trips and falls, so it can be installed as a site walkway, depot or work area.

Common Uses of TuffTrak Heavy Duty Ground Mats

Depending on the terrain, TuffTrak heavy duty ground mats can support up to 150 tonnes. They are made from a chemically inert, non-conductive HDPE that cannot be punctured.

This makes them ideal for transmission projects, eco-sensitive locations and sites of special scientific interest (SSSI). TuffTrak mats are particularly popular for projects in the construction, civil engineering and renewable energy sectors. They are also suitable for:


  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Utilities Maintenance
  • Transmission
  • Infrastructure
  • Sporting & Leisure Events
Heavy Duty Ground Mats For Transmission Projects - Ground Protection Ireland

Transmission Projects

Ground Protection For Events - Ground Protection Ireland

Construction & Industrial Sites

Ground Protection For Concerts and Festivals - Ground Protection Ireland

Civil Engineering

Ground Protection For Markets - Ground Protection Ireland

Renewable Energy Sectors

Extremely Strong Support With Maximum Grip Over Even The Trickiest Terrains

The TuffTrak heavy duty ground mats’ one-piece solid construction and surface nub design provide an extremely strong support base with maximum grip over the trickiest terrains.

With four connector points at the corner of each mat, TuffTrak offers a range of convenient connection options for various ground conditions and project types.

TuffTrak is also lighter to transport than alternative heavy duty ground mats which means that more mats can be loaded onto trailers, reducing transportation costs.



Width: 2.5m


Length: 3m


Height: 38mm

Weight: 295kg

Terratrak plus to protect private garden


  • Manufactured from either 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Chevron traction® surface nub design for maximum grip
  • Non-conductive, making it ideal for transmission projects
  • One-piece solid construction for superior strength
  • Various connection options available for different ground conditions
  • Low profile surface on reverse side is ideal for pedestrian applications
Terratrak plus to protect private garden

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