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Tips For Making Public Events More Sustainable

Oct 7, 2022 | Environmental, Events, TerraTrak Plus

Tips For Making Public Events More Sustainable

While at first glance they may appear at odds, public events and sustainability are actually natural allies.

Eco-friendly and sustainable public events are no longer just a trend – more people become aware of their environmental footprint, and public event attendees increasingly expect organisers and hosts to do everything they can to minimise the environmental impact of their gatherings.

Sustainable public events send a message to guests that you are committed to making a positive difference.

In this article, we discuss tips for making public events sustainable and how a public event can be eco-friendly and still amazing for all its participants!


Tips For Making Public Events More Sustainable - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection Ireland


Tips for making public events more sustainable


Here are a few eco-friendly ideas you can adopt when planning your next public event to make it more sustainable:


1. Choose an eco-friendly venue


Look for a venue that is already eco-friendly or one that is willing to make some changes to accommodate your event.

The venue should use environmentally friendly materials, use solar power, use water-efficient appliances, and embrace recycling.


2. Choose your transport options carefully


Ideally, most transport modes produce emissions that harm the environment. Therefore, you should look for ways to minimise your public event’s carbon footprint.

For example, you can ensure the event location is accessible by public transport and encourage the attendees to use it. You can also facilitate bike storage locations on-site and provide cycle routes where possible.


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3. Opt for outdoor public events where possible


If possible, host your event outdoors. Ireland can be a tricky location considering the weather but outdoor events significantly save on energy compared to indoor events due to lighting, heating, and air conditioning. So definitely consider it!


4. Go for LED lighting


LED lighting consumes less power compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. Using LED lighting reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, which is an effective tool to combat climate change.


5. Serve sustainable food and drinks


Make sure the food you serve is locally sourced and organic. You can also reduce waste by serving meals in reusable or compostable containers, as well as providing on-site water fountains or refill stations for reusable water containers and offering sustainable trade coffees, teas, and other eco-friendly drinks.


6. Go plastic-free


To make your public event more sustainable, avoid using plastic as much as possible. Use alternatives like paper, bamboo, or steel and paper straws instead and try to avoid balloons as part of the event’s décor!


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7. Reduce waste


Collect and recycle all the recyclable materials at your event and compost all the organic waste. Having adequate bins on-site are pivotal to making this work. You can also encourage attendees to bring their reusable bags to reduce the use of plastic bags.


8. Choose Fair Trade for your public events


When sourcing materials and products for your public event, try and ensure you get fair-trade products. These products are ethically and fairly sourced, so you can rest assured that they have little impact on the environment and that the workers who create them are fairly compensated.

Some of these products include coffee & tea, flowers, chocolate, cotton, alcoholic drinks, seafood, and some décor items like candles.


9. Eliminate paper products


Some events, such as workshops and conferences, can result in tons of paper waste that ends up clogging landfills. The best way to address this is to reduce your event’s paper usage and waste.

For example, you can send digital invitations and use e-tickets. You can also use reusable name badges and lanyards instead of paper ones. And solar-powered electric signs and interactive displays can replace the need for printed maps.


10. Reduce water use


Water is a precious resource that we should all conserve, so make sure you reduce water waste as much as possible at your event. Look for a venue that has a sustainability plan in place and uses water-efficient appliances and fixtures and if possible, try to encourage people to bring their own pre-filled bottle with a BYOBottle campaign.


Public events can be sustainable and still be a success


Making your public event more sustainable will soon become a priority across all business and social landscapes. However, this doesn’t have to be difficult.

By taking small steps, you can make a big difference.

You can encourage attendees to carpool or use public transport, serve locally sourced and organic food, and use LED lighting. You can also reduce waste by collecting and recycling materials and composting organic waste.

By taking these simple steps, you can make your event more sustainable and still provide an amazing experience for your guests and inspire those around you to take up the fight against climate change.


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Making public events more sustainable with TerraTrak Plus


World-class ground protection and temporary access solutions are other crucial aspects of making a public event more environmentally friendly.

Ground Protection Ireland can offer these products, whether you require only short-term rental or outright purchase.

Our TerraTrak Plus is the best heavy-duty flooring for any natural or synthetic ground before, during, and after public events or gatherings.

Here is why TerraTrak plus is perfect for all outdoor events:


  • It protects the event grounds be it parks, arenas, or stadiums, from any damage
  • TerraTrak Plus has a slip-resistant surface making it pedestrian-friendly
  • It has a distinct overlapping design and locking system that creates a seamless gap-free walkway
  • It is strong enough to support vehicles and heavy machinery before, during, and after public events
  • TerraTrak Plus is environmentally friendly, featuring translucent HDPE plastic panels that allow light, water, and air to pass through so the grass underneath will continue growing even when covered for several days


Contact us today for more information about our temporary access solutions and how they can foster sustainability in public events.

Check out our blog and resources page today for additional tips on how you can plan a safe and successful event while being sustainable.


Tips For Making Public Events More Sustainable - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection Ireland

If you need a tailored ground protection solution or temporary access solution for an upcoming project or event, get in touch today.