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The Benefits Of Ground Protection Across Many Industries And Sectors

Oct 19, 2023 | Aluminium Trackway Panels, Ground Access, Ground Mats, TerraTrak Plus, TuffTrak

The Benefits Of Ground Protection Across Many Industries And Sectors

Ground protection is not just a matter of convenience; it is a fundamental requirement that plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance across a myriad of industries. Whether your business is involved in the construction sector, engaged in the intricate tasks of civil engineering, or dedicated to maintaining utility services, the benefits of ground protection are both obvious and crucial.

Similarly, if you’re in the dynamic world of event management, the expansive field of agriculture, or the complex realm of logistics, having a stable and secure foundation beneath your feet is paramount. Every industry demands consistent and reliable ground conditions to operate at peak efficiency and safety, and in this article, we explore how ground protection solutions can benefit some of these industries.


The Benefits Of Ground Protection Across Many Industries And Sectors - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection


The benefits of ground protection across many sectors




The terrain of a construction site is in a constant state of flux. As work progresses, the ground may transform daily, often becoming uneven or even perilously unstable.

Ground protection plays an indispensable role in these environments. It provides a solid foundation, allowing heavy machinery to access and operate safely on potentially treacherous terrains. More than just ensuring physical safety, it minimises the risks of delays and unforeseen complications, thereby preserving project timelines. With the appropriate protective measures in place, construction teams can maintain seamless operations, even when confronted with the most challenging and rugged surfaces.


Event & Venue Management


Event organisers understand deeply that ensuring safety and accessibility is paramount, not just for the attendees, but also for the crew and staff involved. Ground protection plays a crucial role in this, preserving the quality and structure of both natural terrains and synthetic surfaces, preventing them from bearing the brunt of heavy foot traffic or equipment weight.

Furthermore, foundational processes in event management, such as erecting and dismantling event infrastructures, are significantly streamlined with proper ground protection. Whether you’re orchestrating a grand concert, curating a vibrant festival, or coordinating a major sporting event, the use of mats, panels, and trackways is essential. They not only protect the underlying surface but also ensure a smoother and safer transition for equipment and personnel, effectively keeping the event’s operations running smoothly and efficiently.




Agriculture is intrinsically tied to the whims of the weather. Every phase, from planting to harvesting, is influenced by meteorological conditions. The rhythm of the seasons, with their varying temperatures, precipitation levels, and sunlight durations, plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of agricultural endeavours.

Ground protection serves as a guardian for one of the most treasured assets in agriculture: the health and vitality of the soil. By mitigating soil compaction, it ensures the earth remains aerated and conducive to root growth. This protective measure significantly diminishes the risk of crop damage, especially in high-traffic areas. Moreover, with stabilised and safeguarded ground, farmers and agricultural workers find it more conducive to operate machinery, facilitating smoother operations and bolstering the potential for a thriving yield.


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Utilities & Infrastructure


Uninterrupted and reliable access is of paramount importance to utilities and infrastructure projects. Whether it’s for regular maintenance or critical emergency response operations, teams heavily rely on the ability to reach their designated work sites without hindrance.

Ground protection plays an essential role in safeguarding this access. By offering a stable foundation, it ensures that the surrounding environment doesn’t bear adverse consequences due to project activities. Not only does it protect the terrain from potential damage, but it also helps in minimising disruptions to the local community and environment. Furthermore, by maintaining the terrain’s accessibility, ground protection substantially reduces operational downtime, ensuring that projects can progress efficiently and teams can address issues promptly.


Logistics & Transport


For those in the transportation sector, navigating vehicles across a variety of terrains – from rugged landscapes to delicate surfaces – presents a multifaceted challenge each day. Ground protection plays an instrumental role in facilitating these logistical endeavours.

By providing a stable and durable platform, ground protection ensures the preservation of roadways and other surfaces from potential wear and tear or damage. This is especially crucial when moving heavy loads or operating in environmentally sensitive areas. Additionally, ground protection aids in the smoother transfer of loads across sites, reducing the risks associated with unstable grounds. This not only enhances safety but also translates to cost savings, as it minimises the potential for equipment damage and delays, making transportation processes more economical and efficient.




Paying attention to natural habitats is of paramount importance. These ecological zones, teeming with diverse flora and fauna, are incredibly delicate and can be severely impacted by even minor disruptions. However, with the right measures in place, such as ground protection, the potential for erosion, degradation, and other environmental harms can be significantly reduced.

Employing ground protection measures when working in or near these sensitive environments, especially during exploration or construction projects, is a testament to responsible corporate stewardship. It not only reflects a company’s commitment to environmental preservation but also its foresight in mitigating potential long-term ecological impacts. Furthermore, by integrating such protective measures, businesses can also enhance their alignment with environmental regulations, thereby fostering stronger regulatory compliance and reducing the risk of penalties or sanctions.


Mining & Excavation


Mining and excavation operations heavily rely on robust machinery and often unfold in challenging environments.

Ground protection is vital in these scenarios, providing a stable platform for machinery operation and enhancing worker safety. Furthermore, in an era of heightened environmental awareness, ground protection aids in lessening the ecological impact of mining activities. By mitigating soil compaction and erosion, it fosters a balance between industrial demands and ecological stewardship.


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Experience the benefits of ground protection with our access solutions


Ground Mats: Ireland’s leading temporary access solution


Ground Mats are Ireland’s preferred temporary access tool for challenging terrains. Suitable for pedestrians, vehicles, and mid-sized machinery, these 100% recycled high-density plastic mats are lightweight at 39kg, yet can support up to 50 tonnes based on ground conditions. Available for both purchase and hire, they’re easy to transport and connect without tools. Their versatility covers applications from event flooring to temporary roadways. Beyond functionality, they protect sites from potential damage, offering both eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for various projects.


TerraTrak Plus: ground protection for events and gatherings


TerraTrak Plus is a heavy-duty flooring solution, ideal for preserving natural and synthetic surfaces during large-scale events. Recognised for its efficacy, it facilitates safe movement for both pedestrians and heavy machinery. Its unique, slip-resistant design ensures uninterrupted pathways in settings ranging from parks to stadiums. Moreover, the translucent HDPE panels support grass growth by allowing light, air, and water penetration. Easy to assemble without tools, TerraTrak Plus is a comprehensive solution for event ground protection.


Aluminium Trackway Panels: temporary roadways for the heaviest industrial vehicles


Aluminium Trackway Panels provide a robust, slip-resistant temporary roadway suitable for the heaviest industrial vehicles, even in challenging terrains like wetlands and uneven grounds. With their unique design, these panels can adapt to varied contours, allowing rapid deployment—up to a kilometre in just three days using a hydraulic clamp system. Beyond just roadways, they’re versatile for use in renewable energy projects, construction sites, and more, supporting up to 15 tonnes per axle. Their modular configuration can be adapted for enhanced load capacity, ensuring safe passage and reducing restoration costs.


TuffTrak: heavy-duty mats for temporary roadways


TuffTrak stands out as a top choice for temporary roadways and work pads, designed to handle challenging terrains and support up to 150 tonnes. Its patented Chevron Traction design ensures excellent grip for vehicles, while its pedestrian-friendly side enhances safety. Made from non-conductive, puncture-resistant HDPE, TuffTrak is ideal for environmentally sensitive projects, spanning sectors from construction and renewable energy to oil and gas. Their durability and versatility make them indispensable for a variety of industries and events.


CarpetDeck: versatile, easy-to-use, protective gym floor covers


CarpetDeck offers a seamless solution to turn your gym floor into a vibrant event space, ensuring protection during activities like graduations, concerts, exams, and more. These modular tiles not only enhance the aesthetics of your space with their upscale design but also safeguard the underlying floor, thanks to their durable PVC backing. Easy to install and store, CarpetDeck tiles are ideal for indoor settings, capable of covering nearly 7,000 sq. ft swiftly. Unlike traditional methods that rely on tape, these tiles are secured with efficient Velcro strips, making the process cleaner and more economical. From schools, colleges, and gymnasiums to spas, country clubs, and community centres, CarpetDeck is the go-to choice for floor protection and transformation.


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Experience the benefits of ground protection in your industry


Ground protection serves as the backbone for countless industries, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of various ventures. In its absence, key aspects such as safety measures, accessibility, and the conservation of the environment would be nearly unattainable.

Ground Protection Ireland stands at the forefront of this vital service, presenting solutions tailored to every unique ground protection challenge. Whether you require transient access pathways or robust heavy-duty flooring for prolonged use, our offerings ensure optimal performance around the clock, every day of the year.

Reach out to our dedicated team today for a deeper dive into our diverse range of products and services, and be sure to also check out our blog and resources page for more ground protection-related news and updates.


The Benefits Of Ground Protection Across Many Industries And Sectors - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection

If you need a tailored ground protection solution or temporary access solution for an upcoming project or event, get in touch today.