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Dealing With Waste After Public Events

Feb 8, 2023 | Events, TerraTrak Plus

Dealing With Waste After Public Events

Whether they’re major affairs that welcome international visitors or seasonal family favourites, all public events have one thing in common: they leave big messes behind, especially when they’re packed with attendees!

As an organiser, it’s up to you to handle the cleanup in an ecologically responsible way. Although providing disposal facilities is crucial, merely setting up a few extra bins here and there won’t do the trick.

To help you tackle the problem, here’s how to implement a comprehensive waste-diversion plan that keeps your event greener.


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Tips on dealing with waste after public events


Avoiding waste is optimal, but it’s not always possible. Follow these pointers so that you’ll be ready when the time comes to clean up:


Establish a waste management plan


Deciding how you’ll handle rubbish is the key to doing it properly — and starting early helps. For instance, it may take extra time to contract with specialist disposal providers, book bin services, or talk to your venue about setting up. Essentially, plan your waste management with the same due diligence you’d apply to the event programme itself.


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Encourage guests to be sustainable


Minimising rubbish is easier when everyone pitches in. Use posters, signs, and standardised labels to ensure people know where to toss different items, and reduce your use of non-compostable plastic utensils and wrappers. In short, you should make it effortless for others to do their part.

This is also a massive marketing opportunity — people are more likely to get on board when they feel good about attending. Advertise your eco-conscious practices, like on-site recycling and composting partnerships, on social media, in welcome videos, email campaigns, and anywhere else you promote.


Set up commercial recycling bin stations


Face it, people tend to be a little apathetic or lackadaisical, especially when they’re having the time of their lives. Optimally placed recycling bin stations keep things swinging and foster responsible participation in one fell swoop.

Self-contained, portable commercial units are far easier to manage after the fact because you can simply haul them away. They also keep your event clean throughout — much better for photo ops and digital promotion!


Separate waste on-site


Maintaining independent waste streams accomplishes multiple goals. On top of making things less confusing for patrons, it reduces the amount of work your team has to do later. Also, remember that although rubbish services may offer mixed-waste disposal options, you may pay a premium for the privilege.


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Host clean and accessible public events with our TerraTrak Plus


Waste management isn’t the most glamorous part of public event management — but it’s an absolute necessity. Your ability to handle the job cost-effectively depends on whether your venue caters to eco-friendly practices. This isn’t always the case, especially outdoors or in multipurpose spaces.

Here at Ground Protection Ireland, we can offer world-class TerraTrak Plus ground protection solutions to keep your event cleaner, better organised, and more accessible. From organising beforehand to running things on the day of, managing events is a study in balance.

Our temporary access solutions empower you to move waste-handling equipment, clean up without getting bogged down, and leave your venue nicer than you found it, no matter how lively — or messy — events get.

So don’t delay – contact us today to learn how to run a cleaner public event, and make sure to also check out our blog and resources for more information on ground protection and temporary access solution-related issues.


Dealing With Waste After Public Events - Infographic - SM - Ground Protection Ireland

If you need a tailored ground protection solution or temporary access solution for an upcoming project or event, get in touch today.