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Obelisk Access Route & Work Pad

Apr 27, 2022

Location: O’Tooles and St Monica’s GAA grounds, Dublin

Project: Access Route and Work Pad

Product: TuffTrak

Ground Protection Requirements

Ground Protection Ireland was engaged by global engineering services provider Obelisk to create a temporary route for plant machinery to access telecom towers at the O’Tooles and St Monica’s GAA grounds. Both projects required an access system with the capacity to support heavy loads over soft and wet ground.

The Solution

It was vital that the grass surfaces at each location would not be comprised by the underside of the solution or site traffic. Following extensive on-site assessments, Ground Protection Ireland proposed the installation of 3.0-metre-wide accessways, fitted with work pads surrounding the towers, using the non-conductive and dual-sided TuffTrak.

The HDPE TuffTrak is made with the unique Chevron Traction design, which enhances mud dispersal and forward thrust for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. The nub feature on this solid compression moulded mat provides exceptional grip and keeps slippage and sideways movement to a minimum. With four connector points in the corner of each mat, TuffTrak can be laid in a wide variety of practical configurations.

The Result

At both locations, the Ground Protection Ireland crews built compact and continuous routes that allowed the Obelisk teams and plant machinery to directly access the telecom towers without disturbing the adjacent residential areas.

Furthermore, using the low-profile side of the TuffTrak, we installed slip-resistant work pads that enabled Obelisk to safely operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms around the base of each tower.

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