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Irish Rail Temporary Work Pad

Apr 27, 2022

Location: Kildare

Project: Temporary Work Pad

Product: Aluminium Trackway

Ground Protection Requirements

Ground Protection Ireland won a tender issued by Irish Rail to supply and build an extensive temporary work-pad to support railway maintenance on the outskirts of Kildare Town.

The task presented significant challenges because Irish Rail needed to position and operate heavy plant machinery on farmland running parallel to the rail lines.

And it was crucial that the pad both protected the largely soft-grass surface and had the load-bearing capacity to sustain the machinery throughout the six-week project.

The Solution

Having previously partnered with Ground Protection Ireland, Irish Rail made an advance request that our Aluminium Trackway panels be used to blanket the onsite grassland and tarmac.

The 3.0-metre-wide panels are manufactured with a corrugated underside that provides large vehicles and heavy plant machinery with a mechanical grip and total traction.

Designed to cover soft, wet or inclined ground conditions, the connected trackway forms an articulated joint that follows the contours of the underlying terrain. This powerful feature also makes it one of the most popular temporary roadways on the market.

The Result

Our installation team – operating a hydraulic clamp system mounted on specialised vehicles – installed 2,600 sq. mt of trackway in just two days.

They laid the 350 panels in an unbroken reverse L-shape that allowed the Irish Rail heavy plant machinery to be moved towards and alongside the railway lines. The finished work-pad was fitted with a spacious site compound that was created using the trackway’s slip-resistant topside

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