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HSE Car Park & Temporary Roads

Apr 27, 2022

Location: Cloghran, Co Dublin

Project: Overflow Car Park, Temporary Roads & Walkway

Product: Aluminium Trackway

An Urgent Call

The Health Service Executive (HSE) placed an urgent Monday morning call to Ground Protection Ireland HQ. They needed extra parking facilities and access routes for vehicles and pedestrians to support their vaccination and booster programs at the National Show Centre.

And, because the centre was already seeing high volumes of activity, time was of the essence. Consequently, a Ground Protection Ireland consultant arrived on-site the following day to perform a free evaluation of the location (a service offered to all customers).

The client approved their recommended solution, which specified the use of Aluminium Trackway panels, and our team commenced installation on Wednesday at 6.30 am. Next-day delivery is never out of the question because our mobile crews operate company-owned specialised vehicles.

Trackway All The Way

Although we have deployed HDPE Ground Mats on similar projects, such as a temporary car park built at Ardmore Studios, the Aluminium Trackway panels were deemed more suitable for the particulars of this assignment. And chief among was the unusually tight deadline.

When deployed with the assistance of a hydraulic clamp system – like those mounted on our vehicles – as much as a kilometre of trackway can be installed and ready to use in 24 working hours. Furthermore, the panels are designed for especially soft and uneven surfaces, and the grassland at the National Show Centre was particularly prone to rutting up when wet.

Finally, with the new access facilities set to be in place for at least four months, the trackway’s load-bearing capacity and ability to distribute weight over a wide surface area meant it could comfortably sustain the projected site traffic. Our team delivered more than 700 panels (5,000 square metres) over the next three days.

Minimal Disruption

It was vital that our activities caused minimal disruption to the vaccination and booster centres. And so, our teams had carried out their deliveries and resumed the rollout process by 6.30 am each day.

As a result, they completed the entire project within a week of the HSE’s initial contact with our in-house staff. The finished build included a 200-space overflow car park, two temporary roads (for access and egress) and a slip-resistant exit walkway for pedestrians.

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