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The Benefits Of Ground Mats In Organising Sports Events

Aug 23, 2023 | Ground Mats, Sports Events

The Benefits Of Ground Mats In Organising Sports Events

Teams, athletes, and sports organisations across Ireland recognise the immense value and significance of sports and recreation facilities in strengthening community bonds. Approximately 1.58 million individuals frequent stadiums, sports grounds, pitches, and training facilities throughout the nation on an annual basis – and this is where the benefits of Ground Mats in organising such events are clear to see.

Ground Mats serve as an essential protective layer for sports and recreational grounds, especially during organised sporting events. They not only assist in the preliminary stages of ground preparation but also ensure sustained protection of the terrain during sports events, and in this article, we explore the specifics of how Ground Mats play an unseen but crucial role in sports across Ireland.


Understanding Ground Mats


Ground mats are robust, versatile surfaces designed to create temporary pathways across a variety of terrains, catering to pedestrians, vehicles, and small to medium-sized machinery. Primarily crafted from 100% recycled high-density polyethene (HDPE), these mats stand out as an eco-friendly solution, aiming to bridge the divide across soft, uneven grounds, including terrains like landscaped turf, mud, tarmac, sand, gravel and soil.

Given their design, ground mats are not just flexible and durable but are also lightweight, ensuring that a pair of individuals can conveniently carry them. Their manageable size further makes them a favourable choice for storage and transport, indicating their viability as a long-term asset. One of the most remarkable features is their ability to bear significant weight, with a capacity to support up to 50 tonnes based on the ground conditions.

The ease of installation is another notable aspect of ground mats. Designed for a hassle-free setup, they come with user-friendly connectors allowing for quick assembly by hand without necessitating any tools. In the realm of sports events and facilities, these mats emerge as indispensable assets, providing an immediate solution to ground challenges while ensuring the preservation of the underlying surfaces.


The role of Ground Mats in the context of sporting events


Ground mats are ingeniously designed to be flexible, catering to the diverse and often demanding requirements of sports events. These mats offer a robust, stable, and protective layer on the ground, substantially enhancing the safety of athletes. By reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring optimal ground conditions, they contribute not only to the athletes’ top-notch performance but also play a pivotal role in the overall success and smooth execution of the event.


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The benefits of Ground Mats for sports events


Ground mats have revolutionised the way sports organisers orchestrate events. By offering a heap of advantages, they not only enhance the performance and safety of the athletes but also significantly improve the viewing experience for the spectators. Let’s delve into some of the key benefits that ground mats bring to the table for sports events.


Facilitating seamless access


Ground mats are ingeniously designed to offer accessibility across even the most challenging terrains. They have the remarkable ability to transform rugged, inhospitable grounds into smooth and navigable surfaces. This transformation becomes particularly invaluable for outdoor events, where the natural terrains might present rough and uneven patches that would be arduous to traverse. Beyond this, ground mats ensure a stable and level pathway, creating a safer environment for both spectators and athletes, thus enhancing the overall event experience.


Shielding the sports turf


Ground mats act as a safeguarding barrier, minimising the wear and tear exerted on playing fields. Whether it’s soccer, football, or rugby, these mats are designed to evenly distribute the intense impacts that come with these sports, thereby significantly diminishing the likelihood of extensive and expensive turf damage. By doing so, they prolong the life of the field and ensure optimal playing conditions for athletes.


Boosting safety measures


During sporting events, the potential for accidents and injuries is always a concern. Ground mats emerge as an essential safety measure, significantly protecting both athletes and spectators. Particularly when terrains are uneven, riddled with potholes, or saturated with water, the risk of injuries escalates. Ground mats address this challenge by offering a stable and consistent surface, considerably minimising the chances of slips, trips, and falls, thereby ensuring a safer environment for all involved.


Some additional benefits of Ground Mats


Durability and cost-efficiency in sports ground management


Ground mats offer benefits that extend beyond just bolstering the durability of sports ground surfaces. They present an economical and efficient solution to the challenges often faced by organisers and groundkeepers. Traditional surfaces, like natural grass fields, are susceptible to wear and tear. Repeated use, combined with exposure to weather elements, can result in substantial damage. This damage not only incurs direct maintenance and repair costs but also brings about indirect expenses due to disruptions in events or activities stemming from weather-related issues or ground impairments.

By integrating ground mats into these settings, the detrimental effects on the underlying surfaces are substantially minimised. This not only reduces the immediate repair expenses but, when viewed from a long-term perspective, the cumulative savings achieved by using ground mats can be quite significant.


Ground mats and environmental responsibility


Promoting environmental responsibility has become paramount in the realm of sporting events. Ground mats seamlessly fit into the sustainable practices championed by teams and sports organisers, reflecting a commitment to eco-conscious choices. Unlike traditional ground maintenance, which often relies on potentially harmful chemicals or excessive water consumption, ground mats steer clear of such environmental pitfalls.

In choosing ground mats, the dependence on traditional maintenance and repair methods diminishes. This shift, when coupled with the eco-friendly nature of many ground mats, actively contributes to a decrease in the carbon footprint of sporting events. This aligns well with the global movement towards more sustainable and eco-responsible practices.


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Experience the benefits Of Ground Mats in your sport through Ground Protection Ireland


For sports organisations needing pedestrian and light-vehicle access to stadiums, sports arenas, pitches, and training facilities, Ground Protection Ireland can provide the perfect solution in the form of our Ground Mats. Our Ground Mats are:

  • Made from 100% recycled high-density plastic
  • Lightweight and versatile, with each mat weighing 39 kg for an easy two-person carry
  • Developed for easy installation and are connected by hand, with no tools needed!
  • Capable of taking loads up to 50 tonnes to keep sports grounds safe for the teams, athletes, coaches and supporters who use them

Teams and sports entities across Ireland use our Ground Mats to ensure their events are executed more seamlessly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our Ground Mats can ensure the safety, stability, and success of your sports events.

Don’t forget to also visit our news and resources pages to read and learn the latest ground protection industry information and insights!

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