GPI Ground Mat System

The GPI ground mat system is perfect for a wide variety of applications and uses, its heavy duty and durable design allows for heavy equipment such as trucks, forklifts, tractors, golf carts and pickup trucks. The man-handleable system can be laid as two parallel tracks or a single roadway to provide ground protection to soft, sensitive ground and flooring.

The ground mats provide temporary access and a firm support base, the mats can be used on landscaped turf, mud, sand, tarmac, uneven ground and many other difficult surfaces.

The mats can be laid quickly and positioned easily by 1-2 persons (depending on load), there are no specialist tools required for the installation or removal of the system.

Ground mats offer ideal ground protection for – schools, park, stadiums, events, industrial, construction, portable buildings, outdoor car-parks, landscaping, sports grounds, golf courses and heritage sites.

We offer a hire and sales service for ground mats nationwide, for a full technical specification click on our download section or call our contracts department.

Suitable for:

  • Medium Duty Roadway
  • Light Duty Roadway
  • Walkway
  • Pedestrian friendly
  • Customer install system

System Benefits:

  • Suitable for heavy vehicles (Up to 30 tonnes)
  • Pedestrian friendly surface
  • Man-handleable
  • Quick and easy to install/remove
  • Suitable for variety of ground conditions